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Analysis of “The Overachievers” Essay

School application season can be the most upsetting timeframe for any secondary school understudy. The mix of disappointment for not improving in school, question in your own odds of affirmation, and the dread of dismissal is sufficient to earn back the original investment the most steady understudies. Creator Alexandra Robbins, in any case, understood that the pressure of school affirmation begins a long time previously, just as waits well after, the real application time frame. Through her perceptions, she presumes that the current training framework is changing understudies into GPA-fixated, intolerant creatures, and that the worries of applying to a supposed â€Å"prestigious† college have a large number of negative symptoms. Her first contention concerns how schools and the whole application framework in general is methodicallly transforming fragile living creature and blood understudies into just arrangements of numbers. She clarifies how understudies these days are just worried about three numbers: their SAT scores, their GPAs, and their class positions. She proceeds to clarify that the fixation on these three numbers is making understudies dismiss what secondary school is truly implied for; getting an adequate learning experience while setting oneself up for the preliminaries of school life. Rather, secondary school has become a frantic scramble for the best odds of being acknowledged into universities. This characteristic is exemplified in AP Frank who, powerfully asked by his mom, took each of the 17 AP classes Whitman high bring to the table, an unfathomable outstanding task at hand that necessary he skirt his lunch period ordinary. Going thinking about something else, Robbins additionally makes a point about the â€Å"no kid left behind† strategy and seriously censures it for driving instructors to concentrate more on test scores as opposed to really educating. Right off the bat in the book, Robbins exemplifies her antipathy for transforming understudies into numbers as school affirmations advocates. She accepts that this gathering of individuals is the embodiment of why the application frameworks are so imperfect, and first advances this thought by acquainting the peruser with Julie’s school guide, Vera. Vera is so fixated on her own picture and is persuaded to such an extent that Julie will never be acknowledged into her fantasy school dependent on her evaluations and grades that she drops Julie as a customer. Robbins’ second contention that shows up over the span of the book is the affirmation that the high measures of pressure encounters by secondary school understudies today is in reality fatal. In the journey to be acknowledged into a lofty school, understudies today take remaining tasks at hand that on occasion is excessively, making them intellectually snap. For this situation, an incredible outstanding task at hand is put onto AP Frank by his harsh mother, which Robbins states is very regular in East Asian nations, however not all the overachievers have had their remaining burden put onto them. Audrey, the apparent â€Å"Perfectionist† doesn’t fundamentally have the same number of motivations to be worried as a portion of her schoolmates, however her psychological condition of doing everything impeccably makes her be under superfluous pressure. For instance, it wasn’t required that she go through every last bit of her ends of the week and spare time building the ideal scaffold for her material science class, however her inclination to consistently need to be the best made it so. She invested energy in which she could have been unwinding or decompressing on working energetically. The subsequent pressure has been known to cause understudy self destruction rates to increase the world over. Back at home, Julie additionally feels the impacts as she sees that her hair has started to drop out. She excuses it as simply the reactions of her scholastically requesting life, yet what she neglects to acknowledge is that pressure actuated indications are the principal indications of genuine perpetual harm and an improved probability that she will one day intellectually break. By and large, Robbins brings up progressively hindering imperfections in our present training framework, for example, transforming understudies into information and troubling them with possibly deadly remaining tasks at hand. She likewise presents the data it could be said that permits the peruser to associate with the understudies of Whitman High on a passionate level, which, over the long haul, better assistance the peruser comprehend the seriousness of the circumstance.

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Carrie Chapter Eighteen Free Essays

string(518) out and about and I’m going to make it home tonight!’), c/w, max speed, boisterous, terrible, five-man band wearing sequined cattle rustler shirts and new pegged pants with brilliant bolts, sometimes cleaning blended perspiration and Vitalis from their temples, lead guitar, beat, steel, dobro guitar, drums; nobody heard the town whistle, or the primary blast, or the second; and when the gas fundamental blew and the music halted and somebody crashed into the parking garage and started to holler the news, Chris and Billy were asleep. ‘I came to murder you, Momma. What's more, you were holding up here to execute me. Momma, I †¦ it’s not right, Momma. We will compose a custom article test on Carrie Chapter Eighteen or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now It’s not †¦ ‘ ‘Let’s pray,’ Momma said delicately. Her eyes fixed on Carrie’s and there was a crazed, terrible empathy in them. The fire light was more splendid presently, moving on the dividers Up dervishes. ‘For the last time, let us pray.’ ‘Oh Momma help me!’ Carrie shouted out. She fell forward on her knees, head down, hands brought up in request. Momma inclined forward, and the blade descended in a sparkling circular segment. Carrie, maybe observing out of the tail of her eye, yanked back, and as opposed to infiltrating her back, the blade went into her shoulder as far as possible. Momma’s feet tangled in the legs of her seat, and she crumbled in a sitting spread. They gazed at one another in quiet scene. Blood started to overflow from around the handle of the blade and to sprinkle on to the floor. At that point Carrie said delicately: ‘I’m going to give you a present, Momma.’ Margaret attempted to get up, stunned, and counted on all fours. ‘What are you doing?’ she croaked roughly. ‘I’m imagining your heart, Momma,’ Carrie said. ‘It’s simpler when you see things in your brain. Your heart is a major red muscle. Mine goes quicker when I utilize my capacity. Be that as it may, your is going a little more slow at this point. A little slower.’ Margaret attempted to get up once more, fizzled, and forked the indication of the stink eye at her girl. ‘A little more slow, Momma. Do you know what the present is, Momma? What you generally needed. Murkiness. What's more, whatever God lives there.’ Margaret White murmured: ‘Our father, Who workmanship in paradise ‘ ‘Slower, Momma. Slower.’ ‘-consecrated be Thy name-‘ ‘I can see the blood depleting once more into you. Slower.’ ‘-Thy Kingdom come-‘ ‘Your feet and hands like marble, similar to alabaster. White.’ ‘-Thy will be done-‘ ‘My will, Momma. Slower!’ ‘-on earth-‘ ‘Slower.’ ‘-as †¦ as †¦ as it†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ She crumbled forward, hands jerking. ‘-all things considered in heaven.’ Carrie murmured: ‘Full stop.’ She looked down at herself, and put her hands pitifully around the haft of the blade. (no o no that harms that’s an excessive amount of hurt) She attempted to get up, fizzled, at that point pulled herself up by Momma’s stool. Tipsiness and queasiness washed over her. She could taste blood, brilliant and smooth, on the rear of her throat. Smoke, harsh and stifling, was floating in through the windows now. The blazes had reached nearby; even now starts would light delicately on the rooftop that stones had punched mercilessly through a thousand years prior. Carrie went out the secondary passage, lurched over the garden, and rested (where’s my momma) against a tree. There was something she should do. Something about (roadhouses parking garages) the Angel with the Sword. The Fiery Sword. Don't bother. It would go to her. She crossed by terraces to Willow Street and afterward slithered up the bank to Route 6. It was 1: 15 A.M. It was 11:20 P.M. when Christine Hargensen and Billy Nolan returned to The Cavalier. They went up the back steps, a few doors down, and before she could accomplish more than turn on the lights, he was yanking at her pullover. ‘For God’s purpose let me unfasten it-‘ ‘To damnation with that.’ He tore it out of nowhere down the back. The material tore with an unexpected hard solid. One catch popped free and winked on the uncovered wood floor. Honky-tonkin’ music came faintly up to them, and the structure vibrated quietly with the awkward excited moving of ranchers and truckers and millworkers and servers and beauticians, of the greasers and their townie young lady companions from Westover and Motton. ‘Hey-‘ ‘Be quiet.’ He slapped her, shaking her head back. Her eyes took on a level and lethal sparkle. ‘This is the end, Billy.’ She moved in an opposite direction from him, bosoms expanding into her bra, level stomach siphoning, legs long and tightening in her pants; yet she sponsored toward the bed. ‘It’s over.’ ‘Sure,’ he said. He rushed for her and she punched him, an astonishing hard punch that arrived on his cheek. He fixed and jerked his head a bit. ‘You gave me a shiner, you bitch.’ ‘I’ll give you more.’ ‘You’re goddam right you will.’ They gazed at one another, gasping, glaring. At that point he started to unfasten his shirt, a little smile starting all over. ‘We got it on, Charlie. We truly got it on.’ He called her Charlie at whatever point he was satisfied with her. It was by all accounts, she thought with a virus flicker of amusingness, a nonexclusive term for good cunt. She felt a little grin go to her own face, loosened up a bit, and that was the point at which he whipped his shirt over her face and came in low, butting her in the stomach like a goat, tipping her on to the bed. The springs shouted. She beat her clench hands weakly on his back. ‘Get off me! Get off me! Get off me! You screwing greaseball, get off me!’ He was smiling at her, and with one brisk, hard yank her zipper was broken, her hips free. ‘Call your daddy?’ he was snorting. ‘That what you going to do? Huh? Huh? That it, ole Chuckie? Call large ole lawful beagle daddy? Huh? I woulda done it to you, you realize that? I woulda dumped it all over your fuckin squash. You know it? Huh? Know it? Pig blood for pigs, isn't that so? Directly on your mother loving squash. You-‘ She had out of nowhere stopped to stand up to. He delayed, gazing down at her, and she had an odd grin all over. ‘You liked it as such from the beginning, didn’t you? You hopeless little slime ball. That’s right, isn’t it? You frightening minimal onenut low-rooster dinkless wonder.’ His smile was moderate, crazed. ‘It doesn’t matter.’ ‘No,’ she said. ‘It doesn’t.’ Her grin abruptly disappeared, the lines on her neck stood apart as she sold back †and spat in his face. They dropped into a red, whipping obviousness. Ground floor the music pounded and wheezed (‘I’m poppin minimal white pills a my eyes are open wide/Six days out and about and I’m going to make it home tonight!’), c/w, max speed, noisy, awful, five-man band wearing sequined cowhand shirts and new pegged pants with brilliant bolts, every so often cleaning blended perspiration and Vitalis from their foreheads, lead guitar, musicality, steel, dobro guitar, drums; nobody heard the town whistle, or the principal blast, or the second; and when the gas principle blew and the music halted and somebody crashed into the parking area and started to holler the news, Chris and Billy were snoozing. You read Carrie Chapter Eighteen in classification Exposition models Chris woke out of nowhere and the clock on the night table said five minutes of one. Somebody was beating on the entryway. ‘Billy!’ the voice was hollering. ‘Get up! Hello! Hey!’ Billy blended, turned over, and thumped the modest morning timer on to the floor. ‘What the Christ?’ he said thickly, and sat up. His back stung. The bitch had secured it with long scratches. He’d scarcely saw it at that point, yet now concluded he would need to send her home pigeon-toed. Just to give her who was chief.. Quietness struck him. Quietness. The Cavalier didn't close until two; in actuality, he could at present observe the neon twinkling and flicking through the dusty garret window. With the exception of the consistent beating (something occurred) the spot was a burial ground. ‘Billy, you in there? Hey!’ ‘Who is it?’ Chris murmured. Her eyes were sparkling and careful in the irregular neon. ‘Jackie Talbot,’ he said absently, at that point raised his voice. ‘What?’ ‘Lemme in, Billy. I got the chance to converse with you!’ Billy got up and cushioned to the entryway, bare. He opened the good old snare and-eye and opened it. Jackie Talbot burst in. His eyes were wild and his face was spread with residue. He had been drinking it up with Steve and Henry when the news came at ten minutes of twelve. They had returned to town in Henry’s older Dodge convertible, and had seen the Jackson Avenue gas fundamental detonate from the vantage purpose of Brickyard Hill. When Jackie had acquired the Dodge and begun to drive back at 12:30, the town was a panicky ruins. ‘Chamberlain’s consuming up,’ he said to Billy. ‘Whole fuckin town. The school’s gone. The Centre’s gone. West End exploded †gas. Also, Carlin Street’s ablaze. What's more, they’re saying Carrie White did it!’ ‘Oh God,’ Chris said. She began to get up and grab for her garments. ‘What did-‘ ‘Shut up,’ Billy said gently, ‘or I’ll kick your ass.’ He took a gander at Jackie again and gestured for him to go on. ‘They seen her. Loads of individuals seen her. Billy, they state she’s all secured with blood. She was at that fuckin prom tonight†¦ Steve and Henr

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Blog Archive MBA News Bloomberg Businessweek Reveals Racial Discrepancies in MBA Pay

Blog Archive MBA News Bloomberg Businessweek Reveals Racial Discrepancies in MBA Pay An MBA can be a remarkable salary boosterâ€"but does a business school student’s race also influence the amount of money he or she will earn post-graduation? Perhaps, new research suggests. Bloomberg Businessweek surveyed alumni of MBA programs in conjunction with its annual (formerly bi-annual) business school rankings to determine possible discrepancies in MBA pay. The findings indicate that underrepresented minoritiesâ€"Hispanic, black, and American Indian studentsâ€"earned an average salary of $150K right after graduating, while Asian and white graduates made an average of $172K. The gap was most notable at such schools as Harvard Business School, where underrepresented minorities earned $97,800 less than their peers six to eight years after graduation, and Columbia Business School, where the difference was $80,400. Share ThisTweet Columbia University (Columbia Business School) Harvard University (Harvard Business School) News

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What Makes A Great Poem Readers Will Fall Of Love With...

What does it take to make a great poem readers will fall in love with? Nothing! A great poem does not need rhyme or make any sense at all. Great poems just need to send out a message readers would understand and enjoy, or even things that would make them think. Unlike a poem, a myth could be an exact opposite. A good myth usually explains the origin for events or gives answers for why things are the way they are. â€Å"All mythology speaks of another plane that exists alongside our own world, and that in some sense supports it† (Armstrong 1). For example, the myth of Phaethon is a background story to the origin of falling stars, why the Middle East is a desert, and more. It is about how a boy named Phaeton was on a search to find out who is Father was and it turned out to be the god of the Sun, Phoebus. Phaeton’s impulsiveness and curiosity caused him to ride his Father’s chariot. He is eventually killed by Zeus. The poem â€Å"Phaeton† by Kathleen Raine t akes the original myth and interprets it with her own style. By analyzing the poems poetic devices such as anaphora, the similarities and differences in certain events, and the messages the readers receive, show that the themes in the poem and in the original myth are closely related. Throughout the poem of â€Å"Phaeton† we can see several types of poetic devices. There is anaphora, personification, rhetorical question, and lastly, a rhyme scheme. Anaphora is the repetition of words in the beginning of successive clauses. This is seenShow MoreRelatedAdams Curse by William Butler Yeats Essay933 Words   |  4 PagesYeats’ â€Å"Adam’s Curse† is a poem that addresses a profound truth of time. Any human accomplishment such as poetry, music, or physical beauty requires much labor and is appreciated by few. He says this through an emotional recollection of a conversation between himself, his lover and her friend. I believe the meaning of the work lays waitin g like a net, waiting to catch the reader at surface level. The poem is simplistic in nature, which is quite atypical of Yeats’ poems, yet is considered easily oneRead MoreExplication Of Sonnet 731713 Words   |  7 Pagesare still read and enjoyed today. Shakespeare is also known to have written a collection of poems which are sonnets. This essay will consist of a close reading to William Shakespeare’s sonnet 73 which deals with the theme of life, death and aging. The sonnet constructs a complex idea that the themes of life and death can be connected together. The poem contains three quatrains and one couplet. The poem has an iambic pentameter and has multiple rhyming schemes. The first quatrain has a rhyming schemeRead MoreAnalysis Of The Captains Verses By Pablo Neruda1191 Words   |  5 Pagesmany love poems. Poems that express different ways of loving someone. I decided to pick Nerudas body of work because of how smooth and elegant his poems sound. They express so much passion towards a person and also send a message. When reading his poems I would be able to understand the emotion the poem carried. This is the first thing that caught my attention from his poems. The emotions each and every one of them carried. In his poem â€Å"Lovely One† Neruda does a great job in expressing great emotionsRead MoreSummary Of A Valediction Of Weeping1151 Words   |  5 PagesGrief, Maps and Death John Donne’s poem â€Å"A Valediction: Of Weeping† is a farewell poem from the speaker to his lover. Whether the farewell is for business or pleasure it is clear that the speaker does not wish to go without his lover. In the poem, the speaker describes the utter bareness of having to leave and hopes it doesn’t kill him. The speaker’s love for his lover is shown through the emotional emptiness that is depicted numerous times throughout the poem. The first stanza starts off withRead MoreEssay on The Four Periods of Literature1518 Words   |  7 Pagespower of love and its capabilities for great evil, or great good. Each of these time frames have something different to offer a reader. If a reader can turn and look introspectively, he can pull a new meaning from the work with each reading. The first period of literature to be examined is one in which the authors encouraged that living and loving the earth are simple pleasures to be enjoyed by all. This idea is exemplified by Christopher Marlowe in his poem The Passionate Shepherd to His Love whenRead MoreIn The PoemsMy Mistress Eyes Are Nothing Like The Sun1137 Words   |  5 Pages In the poems My Mistress Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun and Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer s Day?, William Shakespeare seems to compare his loved ones to nature frequently. When you read these two poems you can really see he uses natural elements in order for him to show that nature is superior to human life. However, Shakespeare comes to the conclusion that even though nature is more perfect than human beings, he loves his lovers more than nature for the unique qualities that human beingsRead MoreComparing An Irish Airman Foresees His Death by WB Yeats and Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen1275 Words   |  6 Pagesand proud to be Irish. He played his part in the Irish Renaissance at the beginning of the 1900s. Although he was a proud Irishman he chose to show his patriotism through his poetry instead of political or military action. Through his poems he spoke of national heroes’ bravery and well doings instead of their political status or where they stood in society. He praised people who did things for a cause or beliefs; for example he described the Easter Rising as a â€Å"terribleRead More Robert Frost’s Fire and Ice Essays991 Words   |  4 PagesRobert Frost’s Fire and Ice Fire and Ice is a popular poem written in 1923 by Robert Frost. It is a very well known poem and is used in many high schools and colleges today. Many students along with various critics read this poem as Frost’s idea as to how the world is going to end. People also take this in a Biblical sense, because the passage that God states the next time he destroys the world, it will be in fire. He blatantly states in the first lines, â€Å"Some say the world will end in fireRead MoreLiving in Sin by Adrienne Rich Essay1051 Words   |  5 Pages In the poem â€Å"Living in Sin† written by Adrienne Rich, Adrienne begins the poem with the perception of having a perfect relationship in which everything great will majestically fall into place for her. She has the fantasy that there is no work and/or effort to be put forth into a perfect relationship when she soon realizes is false. â€Å"Living in Sin† tells the story of a young woman who is unhappy with her life as well as her husband because of the fact that she feels she is nothing but a maid ratherRead More William Carlos Williams This is Just to Say Essay1582 Words   |  7 PagesWilliam Carlos Williams This is Just to Say poem (p m) – noun: 1. A verbal composition designed to convey experiences, ideas, or emotions in a vivid and imaginative way, characterized by the use of language chosen for its sound and suggestive power and by the use of literary techniques such as meter, metaphor, and rhyme. 2. A composition in verse rather than in prose. 3. A literary composition written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of poetry

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Hedonism Utilitarianism And Ancient Hedonism - 1255 Words

Hedonism concerning Utilitarianism and Ancient Hedonism Hedonism comes from the Greek word hedone, which means pleasure (Weijers). Hedonism is the principle that pleasure or happiness is the most important objective in life. It states how we should behave, why we behave the way we do, and what is good for us. Pleasure and pain are the two most important components in all hedonistic theories. Pleasure is the primary central good; it is essentially valuable and pain essentially not valuable. There are good actions and bad actions; a right action produces more net happiness than any alternative action. Throughout the essay I will discuss two major types of hedonism, utilitarianism and ancient hedonism, in which they both state that pleasure equals good and pain equals bad. Utilitarianism, one of the types of hedonism, is a normative ethical theory that defines what is right and wrong depending on consequences. Is the view that right actions are those that result in the most beneficial balance of good over bad consequences for everyone involved (Vaughn, 65). Is the belief that a morally good action is the one that helps the greatest number of people. It conveys that it should benefit everyone that is being affected. Utilitarianism measures the utility to determinate what is good or bad. Another Utilitarianism is not selfish or self-interested it concerns the social well-being. There are two main types of utilitarianism; these are act-utilitarianism and rule-utilitarianism.Show MoreRelatedUtilitarianism Vs. Mill Utilitarianism1004 Words   |  5 Pagesanism: Bentham VS. Mill Utilitarianism is a normative ethical theory that holds the morally right course of action in any given situation is the course of which yields the greatest balance of benefits over harms. More specifically, utilitarianism’s core idea is that the effects of an action determine whether actions are morally right or wrong. Created with the philosophies of Jeremy Bentham (1748–1832) and John Stuart Mill (1806–1873), Utilitarianism began in England in the 19th Century. BenthamRead MoreUtilitarianism : Bentham And Mill766 Words   |  4 PagesUtilitarianism: Bentham VS. Mill Utilitarianism is a normative ethical theory that holds the morally right course of action in any given situation is the course of which yields the greatest balance of benefits over harms. More specifically, utilitarianism’s core idea is that the effects of an action determine whether actions are morally right or wrong. Created with philosophies of Jeremy Bentham (1748–1832) and John Stuart Mill (1806–1873), Utilitarianism began in England in the 19th Century. Read MoreHedonism: Morality and Q. no.2398 Words   |  10 Pages No. 1 Hedonism (Greek: hÄ“donÄ“ (á ¾â€˜ÃŽ ´ÃŽ ¿ÃŽ ½ÃŽ ® from Ancient Greek) pleasure +–ism) is a philosophical position that takes the pursuit of pleasure as the primary motivating element of life, based upon a view that pleasure is good i.e. pleasure has an ultimate importance and is the most important pursuit of humanity. The concept of pleasure is, however, understood and approached in a variety of ways, and hedonism is classified accordingly. The three basic types of philosophical hedonism are psychologicalRead MoreJohn Stuart Mill s Utilitarianism1642 Words   |  7 Pagesof happiness on Jeremy Bentham’s utilitarianism, believing that goods are the means to greatest happiness for the greatest number of peoples. Epicurus, an Ancient Greek philosopher, who similarly encouraged people to follow his pleasure based philosophy to obtain happiness. Unlike Mill, Epicurus’ philosophy is based on individualistic hedonism, which often may seem more practical and acceptable. Although, Mill’s utilitarianism is indeed a form of social hedonism rather than individual pleasure-seekingRead MoreUtilitarianism, by John Stuart Mill Essay1393 Words   |  6 Pagesbetween higher and lower pleasures and assess whether he achieves his aim or not. In his essay, Utilitarianism Mill elaborates on Utilitarianism as a moral theory and responds to misconceptions about it. Utilitarianism, in Mill’s words, is the view that  »actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness. «1 In that way, Utilitarianism offers an answer to the fundamental question Ethics is concerned about: ‘How should one live?’Read More »Explain Why Mill Distinguishes Between Higher and Lower Pleasures and Assess Whether He Achieves His Aim or Not. «1501 Words   |  7 Pagespleasures and assess whether he achieves his aim or not. « March 2005, St Andrews In his Essay Utilitarianism Mill elaborates on Utilitarianism as a moral theory and responds to misconceptions about it. Utilitarianism, in Mills words, is the view that  »actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness. «1 In that way, Utilitarianism offers an answer to the fundamental question Ethics is concerned about: ‘How should one live?Read MoreDeontological and Teleological Ethical Theory1660 Words   |  7 PagesMorality of an act is based on the outcome or consequence of the act Deontological Ethics = Non - Consequentialist Ethics Morality of an act is based in the act itself. Types of Teleological Ethics 1. Utilitarianism – Utilitarian moral theory is classical utilitarianism, 2. Varieties of ancient Greek virtue ethics – Aristotle Ethics is an Example a. The goal of ethics is to explain how one achieves the good life for human beings. There are only two basic kinds of prescriptive moral theories:Read MoreCharles Dickens Utilitarianism Analysis996 Words   |  4 PagesUtilitarianism and Charles Dickens - The Analysis of Impact of Utilitarianism in Hard Times towards Humanity The utilitarianism, is one of the ethical theory genres which greatly affects the western and even world’s development of philosophy. Its originality can be traced back to ancient Greece Democritus and Epicurean Hedonism theory. Jeremy Bentham is considered to be the founder of the utilitarianism theory during the latter half through 18th century in England. Based on the theory of utilitarianismRead MoreWhat Is Utilitarianism And The Moral Principles That Govern A Person s Or Group s Behavior )944 Words   |  4 Pages The word philosophy comes from the Ancient Greeks, meaning love for wisdom. This term was coined after those that seek for knowledge, philosophers. Philosophy in our present day is defined as, the study of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life, etc. (Merriam-Webster). Philosophy can be subdivided into five categories: epistemology, logic, metaphysic, ethic, and aesthetic. These major areas of study has their importance in philosophy, but in this essay IRead MoreA Study On The Chinese Of The National Network Of China Has Once Produced A Popular Tv Show1485 Words   |  6 Pagesmade headlines. The issues described above raised several questions about which the author curious. This essay will help me to understand those queries around me according to the utilitarianism, firstly, based on the definition of utilitarianism, to understand what is happiness, secondly, under the principle of utilitarianism, gaining a insight to what is right and what is wro ng, thirdly, attempt to find ways to improve the issues mentioned above in China. Main Body Human being has been placed under

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The Cold War And The Soviet Union - 1122 Words

The Cold War was a state of political hostility between the U.S and the Soviet bloc, the most powerful nations in the world. The two countries fought together as allies in World War II but toward the end of the War the two nations competing ideologies and visions of the post War prevented them from working together. The Cold War was by far the biggest threat to human existence the world has ever seen, although their was never any declaration of War between the two competing nations, the Soviet Union and the United States both had weapons of mass destruction, that was capable of destroying human life as we know today. From the end of World War II up until the collapse of the Soviet Union the two nations competed in expanding their spheres of influence throughout the world. By 1960 Communism had maintained a high degree of focus, coordination, discipline, and strategic coherence in spreading its ideologies throughout the world,the West seemed to be quite the opposite. In discussing t he Cold War throughout this period, you will catch a glimpse of the various events that put the united states and the West on the defensive against communism. At the end of World War II Stalin’s post War vision involved defying the U.S and creating buffer zones between the Soviet Bloc and Germany. In creating this buffer zone the Soviet Union created Communist friendly governments throughout Eastern Europe. The spread of Communism in Eastern Europe created a division between Eastern andShow MoreRelatedThe Cold War And The Soviet Union973 Words   |  4 PagesThe Cold War was a state of economic, diplomatic, and ideological discord among nations without armed conflict. The Cold War was between the United States and the USSR because these were the two major powers after WWII. Basically, the Cold War was a series of proxy wars that had taken place back in time involving surrounding countries. One of the main causes for Cold War was that the Soviet Union was spreading communi sm and the United States didn’t like that so they were trying to contain communismRead MoreThe Cold War And The Soviet Union1233 Words   |  5 PagesThe Cold War is unique among war’s to be not a war between states, but a war between ideologies. The United States and other allies defend social democracy capitalism, as the pinnacle of freedom and equality; and the Soviet Union though communism was the pinnacle of equality. These ideologies manifested themselves through the superpowers, which caused the conflict between them. Both the United States, and the Soviet Union are to blame for the outbreak of the Cold War. The United State’s missionRead MoreThe Cold War And The Soviet Union1697 Words   |  7 PagesThe Cold War, in fact didn’t take place in the winter season, but was just as dangerously cold and unwelcoming, as it focused on two contrasting powers: the U.S. and the Soviet Union. After World War 2, the Cold War influenced capitalist U.S. and co mmunist Soviet Union to engage in disagreements causing many disputes having to use military, economic and humanitarian aid. With different goals, the contrasting powers prove through the Marshall Plan, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and SALT that communismRead MoreThe Cold War And Soviet Union840 Words   |  4 PagesThere are many theories and opinions of how the cold war started. Some believe that the cold war was the result of the belligerence of Joseph Stalin and the insecurity it caused in the United States and the West. Others believe the primary responsibility for the cold war derives from the hardline policies of the United States. (Viewpoints Article: the Soviet Union Start the Cold War) I believe The Cold War was triggered by the theory of two superpower countries in a race for dominance in the worldRead MoreCold War And The Soviet Union859 Words   |  4 PagesAMS2270 Cold War This essay will discuss about cold war, including the background, beginning, progress and ending. As we know, cold war is a struggle between U.S. with NATO and Soviet Union with WTO from 1947 to 1991. It is a significant event in history, and it influence the almost all of world, it directly lead to the radical change of eastern Europe and the breakup of the USSR. In 1946 February, George.F.Kennan wrote a â€Å"Long Telegram†, it clearly said the strategy of containing Soviets and itRead MoreThe Cold War On The Soviet Union1230 Words   |  5 PagesThe Cold War’s effect on the Soviet Union Shortly after the World War 2 ended, the United States and its North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies entered the cold war with the Soviet Union. Germany was divided in half and later, the Berlin Wall was constructed as a physical boundary between the Soviet controlled East Germany and NATO controlled West Germany. This standoff continued until the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. The cold war had a huge influence on the world stage, but also had a majorRead MoreThe Cold War And The Soviet Union1391 Words   |  6 Pageswake of World War II as the decades-long force of Germany’s reign came to its conclusion, an extensive repositioning of authority among the world’s top powers began. The war wielded devastating consequences for most countries involved and effectively diminished the dominance Britain and France once employed across the globe. Out of this devastation rose the two new dominating forces of the world who were triumphant in the aftermath of the war: the U nited States and the Soviet Union. The United StatesRead MoreThe Cold War And The Soviet Union Essay965 Words   |  4 PagesThe Cold War was a period in world history marked with increased tensions primarily between the United States and the Soviet Union. Both countries desired to expand their ideologies across the globe, the U.S. urging capitalism and democratic elections and the Soviets promoting communism. After the allies had obtained victory in World War II, the Yalta Conference was held. Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, wanted to expand his sphere of influence into Eastern Europe and demanded thatRead MoreThe Cold War And The Soviet Union1343 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract: As one of the most important events in 20th century, the Cold War had a very deep influence for the human-being civilization and it changed the world structure . The United States and the Soviet Union ,the two poles, became enemies from friends after the World War II. They adopt hostile attitude towards each other and criticized the the opponents’ social systems. To find out who provoked the Cold War, the US, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdoms ,Roosevelt, Truman ,Stalin, and ChurchillRead MoreThe Soviet Union Of The Cold War1745 Words   |  7 Pages During the era of the Cold War, starting in 1947 and definitively ending in 1991, the United States and the Soviet Union faced off in conflicts with each other through smaller states. The United States and Soviet Union faced off to see who could spread their ideology the most in Europe. The Soviet Union used force and supported coups to spread communism while the United States installed democratic governments as a way to counter communism in Eastern Europe. These small conflicts that the two superpowers

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Listening To Music And Composing My Own Digital Music Essay Example For Students

Listening To Music And Composing My Own Digital Music Essay Listening to music and composing my own digital music is my favorite extra- curricular activity. Music makes me feel refreshed and even after a hectic day at work, five minutes of good music helps me relax my nerves instantly. The routine lifestyle rarely leaves much time for my extra-curricular activity. However, I always make sure to maintain a rich music library on my laptop as well as handheld devices so that I can listen to it whenever I feel. Moreover, I am also into composing music. I am a vocalist, I play the piano and I have a digital mixing console also. My room is a mini studio where I can record my own USIA. Composing new music or mixing up tracks requires utmost creativity and imagination. In a month, I make sure to publish three mixes after recording and digital reworking. When music is your extracurricular activity, the best part about it is that you can enjoy it indoors. Whatever the weather and climate outside, you can always be comfortable and enjoy it in your room. If you have a dolly surround system in your home, it would serve as the best way to listen to music. Playing a musical instrument is a bliss in itself. Whenever I play the piano, I feel connected to the nature and its energies. That is when your creativity blossoms and you can use your imagination to the fullest in composing new tunes. The best way to enjoy music is to relax on a couch or the bed with the earphones plugged in your ears and listening to it with closed eyes. You can then feel each instrument as it plays. Some people prefer loud music, but it isnt always enjoyable. Dance music is k when it comes to parties but it cannot be enjoyed always and when one is seeking relaxation. Listening To Music And Composing My Own Digital Music Is My Favorite Extra By Hash-Education